Mission, Vision and Goals

May 29 , 2019


An Academic Pillar of Excellence with Peaceful Environment for Sustainable Development.


LC is committed to offer degree to product globally competent professionals, leaders & entrepreneurs through technological breakthrough in research, efficacy of extension &efficiency in production.   


  1. Promote the competencies and strengthen the commitment of the faculty towards quality instruction, research, extension and production.
  2. Enhance competencies of human resources towards greater efficiency in the delivery of services.
  • Engage the basic and applied research and developmental projects and activities aimed to address educational and community problems.
  1. Conduct extension service through appropriate technology transfer strategies to improve quality of life of the people it serves.
  2. Establish and maintain functional linkages in both public and private sectors for more effective job placement and profitable career opportunities.
  3. Maintain quality education to stand the institute in the global scenario.


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